Coaching Tools

On this private page for my coaching clients, I have uploaded a series of files that will assist you as we journey through the coaching process together. Feel free to use them for your personal growth and learning. Some of these files are directly from iPEC, and are offered because I am a certified coach through iPEC, but iPEC retains the copyright. Some of the files are based upon the iPEC coaching principles, but were created to fit my coaching style.

Life is an ongoing journey of discovery, and because you have chosen to have a coach, you have company on your journey. I am honored that you asked me to join you along the way and to be your coach. Thank you!


Wheel of Life

Each of the following wheels represents one segment from the basic wheel:


Coaching Principles and Exercises

Coaching Guidelines and Reflections
Values Assessment Tool
Brainstorming Solutions
The Pain-Gain Model
The Board of Directors Exercise