Links Akayama ryu is the national governing organization for the style of Ju Jutsu through which I am certified and for which I teach. You know what to do Chris's books on-line. The American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia is the organization through which I am certified for my work in tuina and medical qigong. Asian bodywork helps us to discover, maintain and restore physical, emotional and spiritual balance through the manual therapies associated with Chinese Medicine. Ever thought about a career in integrative, holistic medicine? Check out the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin. So you also know what to do more of Chris's books. If you are in Austin and hungry for good food, here's a place to check out. Cafe Malta is an excellent place to dine on carefully prepared Mediterranean food in a wonderful atmosphere.... It's all that and more. Some amazingly wise writings here. Go to the site and download inspirational reading for free, from a master meditator. I recommend the book "With Each and Every Breath" Wow!  Dr. Joel Cone is an excellent holistic chiropractic, acupuncture and natural medicine practitioner, who has a thriving center in Austin, Texas. Dr. Robert Leach has a wonderful chiropractic business in Starkville, Mississippi. Dr. Leach is a great believer in holistic health and has deep insights into balanced mind/body wellness. The website deals with issues of environmental sustainability and earth resources. You'll get a whole new insight into our world. You might just become motivated to do something. Get the book from the free download as a .pdf file. The Environmental Defense Fund is an organization to creating solutions that allow nature and humans to prosper, often by developing unlikely partnerships. You might also be interested in Fred Krupp's book "Earth: The Sequel." It is well worth the read. At Holistic Living you will find a highly informative site concerning meditative, prayer and holistic healing practices from all over the world. You will also find information about diet and nutrition. If you have ever wondered about Indigo Children and who they are, go to this site. I go here to get ginseng and bee pollen products. The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Go here to find out information about professional coaching and training to become a coach. Go here to make connections with professionals in your field and other industries. A very powerful networking tool! Neil Simon is a strategy consultant who works with non-profits and educational institutions. If you are looking for a vision-based, intuitive, caring, integrity-driven consultant to help you chart a course for your organization, Neil is your man. Go here to acquire some very powerful tools for training your mind and overcoming performance obstacles. The paraliminal CD's by Paul Scheele, are quite simply, superb. Nightingale-Conant, the world leader in self development. Go here to find audio and video programs on a very wide range of topics involving personal growth. The Natural Resources Defense Council is a place to go to find out about environmental issues. I go here to get many of the liniments, teas and herbs that I have used for many years in the martial arts and for general health and well-being. Ralph has a website called Zen Wood Studios. His art is phenomenal. Check it out for yourself. If you live in is a hidden treasure. If you are visiting Laramie...don't miss the chance to see a true independent bookstore...and of one of my poetry books. Sounds True. Go here to find audio and video programs on almost all aspects of the spiritual life. The Teaching Company. Go here to find audio and video programs that will turn your living room or vehicle into an educational institution. Learn about any number of subjects from the Origin of Life to Politics. Do you read? Used books at great prices. How can you lose? Want to improve your speaking ability? Find a local Toastmaster's club using the on-line directory. You can contact Chris or your local club if you want to know more about how Toastmaster's can help you. Want to see what might be coming in the future? Check out the World Future Society and see for yourself. If you want an acupuncture treatment from a man who trained with a "Barefoot Doctor" in China, and who has amazing insight and skill, Dr. Jamie Wu in Austin, TX, is for you.