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There are three components to this website:
As a professional coach, I coach with an eye to mind / body / spirit wellness, and look towards transformational life coaching as a vehicle for deep personal change. In my coaching tool box you will find the experiences of a martial artist, an Oriental Medicine Practitioner, a geologist, an entrepreneur and a life-long scholar.

If you are interested in learning more about my work as an acupuncturist, herbalist and practitioner of Oriental Medicine, I invite you to visit my companion website at www.thirdpathwayacupuncture.com

If there is one thread that binds these pieces together, however, it is the notion of embracing a journey of learning and discovery.
So...in the not so accurately quoted words of Robert Frost...

"Two paths diverged in a wood and I...
...I made a third." 

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It is my hope that what you find on this website will be directly applicable in your everyday life, and enable you to enjoy a richer, more peaceful, less stressful daily world.

You are welcome here...please stay a while and wander around.

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