Published Books

1. I have written and published three books that include poetry and nature photography. The poetry focuses on experiences of life and impressions of living. The poetry looks at the ebb and flow of life's fortunes. Alongside each poem is companion photography, which together represent a personal journey that will resonate in the hearts of fellow travelers. Read a poem from Paradox. Read a poem from Journey. Read a poem from Seeing. Read a poem from Heart.

2. In 2013, I brought all of my poetry (from the 1970's through to 2012) together into a single volume, entitled Being in the Way. The book was published through Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, and is available in both hardback and paperback editions. Being in the Way contains only poems, and does not include any of the nature photography found in the other three books. Read a poem from Being in the Way.

Here's what other people have to say about the poetry: Testimonials. Download a free book brochure here.
3. In addition to the newsletter and poetry, I have written a 248-page, color-illustrated, masterclass coaching manual for martial artists. The book is based upon more than forty years of experience as a martial artist, as a student and multiple black belt, as a competitor, a referee and as a coach in several different martial disciplines. I have been a coach, referee and competitor from the local club level to the national level. To write this book, I also drew upon all my experience  as a university professor and as a business owner. The book covers several topics of interest and includes the following chapters:
  • Introduction
  • The Conditions of Learning
  • Communication Skills
  • Pedagogy of Coaching
  • Psychology of Coaching
  • Physiology of Coaching
  • Physics of Coaching
  • Safety and Legal Considerations
  • Final Thoughts
Testimonials regarding 'Coaching for martial artists: The masterclass text':
Dr. Chris Dewey has effectively condensed and compiled decades of study and experience into an essential training aid for any level of instructor. His Masterclass coaching book should be required reading for every martial arts teacher, regardless of style. Mark Barlow, Head of System: Akayama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Quote: "Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it." David Starr Jordan, Founding President, Stanford University."
When I was President of the United States Judo Association, I had the privilege of working with Dr. Chris Dewey (who was Chair of the Coaching and Education Committee) and his committee members. Dr. Dewey had the "wisdom" to see that martial arts coaches needed training and needed to achieve a certification of educational excellence from a nationally-recognized educational organization. He possessed the "skill" to write a set of Coaching Certification Program Manuals, which could receive national certification recognition, and he had the "virtue" to implement the program at the national level. His coaching certification system awarded certifications to more than 800 coaches, vastly improved the teaching level of the program participants and resulted in a dramatic increase in the transfer of knowledge and skill to thousands of students.
There is much to learn about teaching martial arts, and Dr. Dewey is the Master at explaining how to do it successfully. Learn from the Master. Pay it Forward! Jim Bregman, America's First Olympic Medalist in Judo.
Former USJA Coaching Certification Chairman Chris Dewey, PhD, has produced a new work entitled 'Coaching For the Martial Artist: The Masterclass Text'. Those of us who remember Dr. Dewey's outstanding Coach Certification manuals know that he writes with clarity, insight and a highly informative style. Ronald Allan Charles.
There are very few martial artists, and Chris is one, to whom I would associate as a truly unique 'think-tank' to the arts. Over the past 9 years he has pushed the boundaries and raised the bar by developing a detailed, working set of high-level judo manuals, which were used by judo associations in the US. Thousands of judoka across the US are the richer for these publications. His wonderful ability to articulate saw [a] further publication [...] 'Coaching for Martial Artists,' an easy-read insight into the fundamentals of the arts. He possesses boundless energy and combines theory with elite coaching in equal measure. In a nutshell, player / coach / consultant....a rare ability. Nick Lowe, British Judo Coach and Competitor, Founder: Eudo.
No doubt the most inclusive all-around manual for coaches of any martial arts style as well as a great resource for practitioners and family members. Chris has outdone himself on this latest manual that will definitely become the standard vanguard for all aspects of managing safely and smartly, physical activities that require astute knowledge one encompasses as both teacher and student. Robby Robinson, Founder: Armed Services Judo and Ju Jutsu Academy.

After coaching three Olympians and many national and international judo and karate players, I thought I knew a little about coaching. That was until I enrolled in Dr. Chris Dewey’s USJA Coaching Course in 2003 (I successfully completed all three levels of Dr. Dewey’s USJA Coaching Manuals in 2005). Dr. Dewey has combined the USJA courses into his book “Coaching for the Martial Artist” which should be read by every coach, regardless of the sport. This book provides the tools and techniques every coach should follow to help students successfully achieve their individual athletic goals.
Dr. Dewey is passionate about helping coaches become outstanding coaches and leaders. He demonstrates a genuinely caring attitude and is committed to seeing all coaches and students succeed. I have implemented many of the coaching guidelines provided in “Coaching for the Martial Artist” and they work! Dr. Dewey is continually developing coaching strategies and skills that become techniques for promoting proactive coaching. I continue to use his coaching materials as guidelines for my classes and ask all of my students to read his coaching publications. Donald Trussell, Founder: Leon County Judo Club and Apalachee Martial Arts.