Third Pathway

Thank you for visiting the Third Pathway website.  

If there is a theme to this website that sort of brings all the threads of my life together it is the quote from Robert Frost: 

"Two paths diverged in a wood and I...

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference." 

In some ways, and even before I was aware enough to realize it, this has always been a theme of my life. I have definitely had the opportunity to explore different paths in my life, hence the name of the website and the title of the newsletter. You will most certainly see the effects of those travels in the ways in which my newsletters and books are written. 

There are four components to this site:

1. Pathways Newsletter,

2. Published Books,

3. Learning Tools for Chinese Medicine,

4. Martial Arts.

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Enjoy the site. Hangout here for a while, browse a little, read a few newsletters, look at the books. Relax, unwind, take a load off.

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