Traditional Chinese Medicine Learning Tools

The files available here relate to the classes and clinic work that I completed while at AOMA Graduate School for Integrated Medicine.

I built these files originally as study guides and learning tools to help me grasp the material being presented in school and to help me prepare for my work as a clinician and for the NCCAOM Board Exams. Many of them have been modified as my clinical experience has deepened (especially the Master Tung file). The files are offered with the understanding that they derive from my limited knowledge base. I take full responsibility for all errors and omissions, which are, I hope, few. If, however, you find any opportunities for me to improve my understanding of the universe (typo's, data errors), please feel free to let me know and I'll attend to them for the benefit of all. My intent is to offer something that might be of service to you; so take what is useful to you and feel free to share this page with others who might benefit.

Happy learning!

Acupuncture Diagnostics and Disease Treatment

Five-Element Correspondences

Five-Element Physiology and Pathology

Five-Element Relationships (just the first table from the correspondences .pdf).

Five Element Emotional Expressions

Yin-Yang Relationships

Origin of Disease

Diagnostic Pathways

Eight Principles

Patterns of Deficiency

Qi Rebellion & Prolapse

Qi Collapse and Tense/Close Syndrome

Types of Qi

Types of Spirit

Tongue Characteristics

Twenty-Eight Pulses

Neoclassical Pulses

Six-Channel Headaches

Chasing the Dragon Technique

Points for Back Pain

Four Needle Technique

Dr Tan's Channel Balance Systems

Etiology of Liver Wind

Five Element Relationships of Liver Cirrhosis

Meridian Theory & Point Locations

24-Hour Cycle

Six Channels - Twelve Meridians

Special Points Categories (file will load as an .xlsx file).

Named Points (ALL the named points between the Jing Well through He Sea points)

He Sea, Yuan Source, Luo Connecting & Xi Cleft Points on the Channels (star diagrams)

Horary Points, Channels and Five-Element Table

Back Points

Front Points

Front Mu and Back Shu Points

Scalp Map

Scalp Lines

Extraordinary Channel Points

Extra Named Points

Window of Sky Points

Sun Si Miao Ghost Points

Four Sea Points (Spiritual Pivot, CH. 33)

Host-Guest Points

Yuan Source - Luo Connecting - Xi Cleft Points

Primary Channels

Luo Connecting Channels

Muscle-Sinew Channels

Master Tung Points

Tan's Magical 8 & 12

Lee's Magical 10

Sankey Esoteric Patterns

Points for Back Pain

Point Risks


Images: Release Exterior Herbs

Images: Clear Heat Herbs 1

Images: Clear Heat Herbs 2

Images: Downward Draining Herbs

Images: Drain Damp Herbs

Images: Dispel Wind-Damp Herbs

Images: Resolve Phlegm; Cough & Wheezing Herbs

Images: Aromatic Transform Damp Herbs

Images: Food Stagnation Herbs

Images: Regulate Qi Herbs

Images: Stop Bleeding Herbs

Images: Invigorate Blood Herbs

Images: Warm Interior & Expel Cold

Images: Tonifying Herbs 1 Qi & Xue

Images: Tonifying Herbs 2 Yang & Yin

Images: Stabilize & Bind Herbs

Images: Calm the Shen Herbs

Images: Calm the Liver Herbs

Images: Open Orifices, Expel Parasites, External Application

Five Flavour Relationships

Herbal Antagonisms (Standard & Modern)

Herbal Formulations (loads as a sort-able excel file. Sort by Single Herbs to see what functions each herb has across multiple formulae. Sort by Formula to see which herbs are in each formula...enjoy).

Herbal Incompatibilities

Herbal Safety: Single Herbs (loads as an excel file)

Seven Base Formulae

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan & Derivative Formulae

Shan Han Lun Formulations

Wen Bing Formulations

Biomedicine & Tuina


Blood Pressure Enzyme Pathway (Renin - Angiotensin - Aldosterone)

Acute Inflammation

Thyroid Conditions

Cranial Nerves

Spinal nerves (dermatomes, muscle testing and reflexes)

Physical Assessments (includes cervical and lumbar spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, chest & abdomen).

Muscles & Actions of the Neck

Muscles & Actions of the Shoulder Joint

Muscles & Actions of the Elbow

Muscles & Actions of the Hip

Muscles & Actions of the Knee

Dietary Essential & Trace Elements



Union of Three Hearts Meditation

Five Element Protection Meditation

Six Healing Sounds

Nine Turns Meditation