Published Books

I have written and published four poetry books that focus on the experiences of life and impressions of living.

Paradox of Being was first published in 2004, 2nd edition in 2009.

Journey into Being was published in 2007.

Seeing and Being was published in 2009.

Heart of Being was published in 2018.

The poetry looks at the ebb and flow, the ripples and waves of life's fortunes. Each book contains poems plus imagery to illustrate my thoughts. You can think of the poetry as perhaps a more lyrical, rhapsodic version of the Pathways newsletter content although it is written from the perspective of deep personal experience.

If you wish to purchase a copy of any of my books, or wish to chat with me, please do so here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Here are a few poems to stimulate your interest:

In 2013, I was invited to bring all of my poetry but none of the images (from the 1970's through to 2012), together into a single volume, entitled Being in the Way. The book was published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House.

In addition to the newsletter and poetry, I have written a 248-page, color-illustrated, masterclass coaching manual for martial artists. The book was based upon more than forty years (at the time) of experience as a martial artist, a mid- to high-ranking black belt in several multiple disciplines and lifelong student of the arts. I have been a coach, referee and competitor from the local club level to the national level. To write the book, I also drew upon all my experience as a university professor, a professional certified life coach, and as a business owner.

Download a copy of my martial arts brochure.

The book covers several topics of interest and includes the following chapters:

    • Introduction

    • The Conditions of Learning

    • Communication Skills

    • Pedagogy of Coaching

    • Psychology of Coaching

    • Physiology of Coaching

    • Physics of Coaching

    • Safety and Legal Considerations

    • Final Thoughts